Griffonia Seed Extract 5-HTP 99% Powder Wholesale Mood Support

Short Description:

Origin: Griffonia simplicifolia
Specification: 99%
Peak X free, solvent free

Regular shipments to U.S. and EU. market

3rd Party reports available

PAHs/Solvent residue/Microbiological/-Heavy metal and TPC

Kosher, ISO9001, Halal  certificates

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Depression: 5-HTP deficiencies are believed to contribute to depression. 5-HTP supplementation has been shown to be effective in treating mild to moderate depression. In clinical
trials 5-hydroxytryptophan showed similar results to those gained with the antidepressant drugs imipramine and fluvoxamine.
Fibromyalgia: Studies show that 5-HTP enhances serotonin synthesis, which increases pain tolerance and sleep quality. Patients with fibromyalgia have reported an improvement in
symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and somatic pain (number of painful areas and morning stiffness).
Insomnia: In many trials, 5-HTP has reduced the time required to fall asleep and improved quality of sleep for those suffering from insomnia.
Migraines: 5-HTP reduced the frequency and severity of migraine headaches in clinical trials. Also, significantly fewer side effects were observed with 5-HTP compared to other
migraine headache drugs.
Obesity: 5-hydroxytryptophan creates a fuller feeling – satisfying a person’s appetite sooner. Thus allowing patients to stick with diets easier. It has also been shown to decrease
the carbohydrate intake in obese patients.
Children’s Headaches: Children with sleep disorder-related headaches seem to respond to 5-HTP treatment.

Product Name: 5-HTP Griffonia seed extract
Used Part: Seed
Solvent Used: Water& Ethanol
Source: Griffonia simplicifolia
Non GMO       BSE/TSE Free Non Irridiation         Allergen Free
Assay Data
5-Hydroxytryptophan 98% HPLC/USP
Quality Data
Appearance  Fine Off-white  powder Vision
Mesh Size 95% pass 80M USP<786>
Loss on Drying ≤5% USP<731>
Ash ≤5% USP<281>
Peak X Negative HPLC/USP
Heavy Metals <10ppm ICP-MS/USP
Lead(Pb) <0.5ppm ICP-MS/USP<730>
Arsenic(As) <0.5ppm ICP-MS/USP<730>
Cadmium(Cd) <0.1ppm ICP-MS/USP<730>
Mercury(Hg) <0.1ppm ICP-MS/USP<730>
Microbiological Data
Total Plate Count <1000cfu/g USP<2021>
Moulds and Yeast <100cfu/g USP<2021>
E.Coli Negative/10g USP<2022>
Salmonella Negative/10g  USP<2022>

Addition Data


≤700 EN 13751:2002<PSL>
Packing  size 5kg/bag,25kg/drum
Storage Store in a cool dry place, avoiding sunlight directly
Shelf Life Two Years

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