Rhodiola Rosea Extract Salisorosides Rosavins Plant Extract Dietary Supplement

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Origin: Rhodiola rosae L.
Salidroside 3% 12%
Rosavins 3% & Salidroside 1%
Rosavins 5% & Salidroside 2%
Origin: Rhodiola rosae L.

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–Salidroside 3% 12%
–Rosavins 3% & Salidroside 1%
–Rosavins 5% & Salidroside 2%

Rhodiola Rosea (of the family Crassulaceae; henceforth Rhodiola) is a herb traditionally used as an adaptogen compound and is synonymous with common names such as Arctic root, Rose root/Rosenroot, Orpin Rose, or Golden root. The adaptogenic effects have traditionally been referred to as inducing a ‘nonspecific immunity’ and normalizing effect, and traditional usage seems to be localized to around Europe and sometimes spreading east into Asia, and is commonly reported to have traditionally been used by scandinavian Vikings to preserve physical robustness. It has extended far enough into Asia to be incorporated into traditional chinese medicine where it is recommended to take 3-6g of the root daily for vitality and longevity.

1. Help body adapt and resist physical, chemical, and environmental stress.
2. Help Reduce Symptoms of Depression.Increase mental performance and improve brain function.
3. Improve athletic performance.

Product Name: Rhodiola Extract
Source: Rhodiola Rosea L.
Used Part: Roots
Extract Solvent: Water& Ethanol
Non GMO, BSE/TSE Free Non Irridiation, Allergen Free
Assay Data
Rosavins ≥5% HPLC
Salidroside ≥2% HPLC
Quality Data
Appearance Fine Brown Powder Visual
Odor Characteristics Organoleptic
Loss on Drying ≤5% EP7.0
Ash ≤5% EP7.0
Partical Size 95% Pass 80M 80mesh sieve
Heavy Metals <10 ppm AAS
Lead(Pb) <1 ppm AAS
Arsenic(As) <1 ppm AAS
Cadmium(Cd) <1 ppm AAS
Mercury(Hg) <0.1 ppm AAS
Microbiological Data
Total Plate Count <1000 cfu/g USP34
Moulds and Yeast <100 cfu/g USP34
E.Coli Negative USP34
Salmonella Negative USP34

Addition Data

Packing 25kg/drum
Storage Store in a cool dry place, avoiding sunlight directly
Shelf Life Two Years

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