Finutra has successfully passed the renewal certificate of KOSHER in 2021.


On April 28, 2021, the KOSHER inspector came to our company for factory inspection and visited the raw material area, production workshop, warehouse, office and other areas of our facility. He highly recognized our adherence to the use of the same high-quality raw materials and standardized production process. Our company successfully passed the renewal certificate of KOSHER in 2021.

Kosher certification refers to the certification of food, ingredients and additives in accordance with kosher dietary laws. Its scope involves food and ingredients, food additives, food packaging, fine chemicals, drugs, machinery production enterprises, etc. On-site certification of compliance with kosher standards can only be conducted by a Rabbi. Jewish specialists are required to hold qualifications and licenses, just as lawyers are required to be licensed as lawyers. Kosher certification has a sound legal and theoretical, practical basis and management. Jewish experts interpret and administer kosher food laws. More than 40 percent of food products in the United States are Kosher certified. Since Kosher stands for cleaner and more hygienic, it has become a symbol of product safety and high quality.

Post time: May-14-2021