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Astaxanthin Harvest Season is Coming

Haematococcus pluvialis is accumulating astaxanthin by photosynthesis. But the cells easily get infected when the temperature is too high, they will die or break up after infection. Therefore, it is necessary to start harvesting at the beginning of infection process. In winter, when the temperature is lower, the higher content of astaxanthin can be accumulated. The annual harvest season lasts from October to March next year. 

Our base is technology-based enterprise located in the industrial park of Qujing Economic and Technological Development Zone covering an area of 60 acreas. Qujing is the source of pearl river with moderate climate four seasons like spring. There's clean water, adequate ultraviolet light thus very suitable for large-scale cultivation of haematococcus pluvilis.  

Our base now is under expansion process of 35 acres, and upon completion of the project, the algae base will be 49 acres with an annual output of 89 tons of Astaxanthin powder, 20 tons of Astaxanthin Oil.